Lego Rebuild the World

LEGO has become a prominent part in a child’s life. The toy manufacturer has dominated the toy market and has not required to release a single campaign in 30 years.

The new ad campaign talks about a creative perspective of what amazing things can be built from the products the brand offers.

The campaign will run on TV, social and out-of-home and at its center is the tagline Rebuild the World.

“Creative problem-solving skills are needed now more than ever,” says Rémi Marcelli, Senior VP Lego and Head of the Lego Agency, of the reasoning for running the campaign now.

As recognized by The World Economic Forum, the future job market will look very different from today – due to the advancement of automation and digitation. Creative problem-solving skills will, therefore, be one of the most important and valued qualities any job candidate can have.

With Rebuild the World, we want to remind the world of the full value of Lego, a fun play experience that is tapping into kids’ passion points and enables role play, but that also stimulates and develops creativity.

The campaign has been done by BETC Paris and the Lego Agency. It features BETC Paris and the Lego Agency.

There is also a familiar feel to the hunter’s character who slightly reminds us of the iconic movie Jumanji.