Following the announcement of new anti-password sharing guidelines being tested in numerous countries, popular streaming service Netflix is receiving criticism from Twitter users for a tweet from five years ago. This Netflix tweet from years ago isn’t holding up well because of Netflix’s crackdown on password sharing. Old tweets might haunt you if you’re in the public glare. You can be a politician, a celebrity, or even the biggest streaming service in the world, and it still applies. This was the tweet.

Nearly 10,000 people have liked the original Netflix tweet as of this writing, with more than half of those being quote retweets of people criticizing the corporation for not changing its methods. But here are some of the reactions from the fans.


The Twitter account @PoorlyAgedStuff shared an image of that tweet earlier this week, in a tweet, that’s racked up more than half a million likes. Lamented another Twitter user, regarding that same “Love is sharing a password” quip from Netflix: “@netflix so you guys are going to bang people out for sharing passwords AFTER raising prices, and I just wanted to let you know that I’m out after Ozark. It’s been a fun 12-15 years guys. Godspeed. Love is deleting my account.”

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