zombies in london

By Tehreem Samad

Zombies attacks Londoners before the Halloween, but this time it is for an anti-smoking campaign.

The British National Health Service came up with a new anti-smoking campaign where they hired actors wearing zombie masks. The UK based actors unusually stood in the routes and met people who tooke their usual routes to their offices. The Zombies spread awareness about the dangers of Tobacco.

The zombie masks were desinged in a way to show the results of smoking-related diseases and how these results of smoking affect person’s health. Zombies had damaged tissues in the mask’s neck area, which is a symptom for throat, neck or head cancer.

The online clinic is putting forth free consultations all through October to help individuals uncover a suitable quit smoking treatment.

A spokesman for HealthExpress, said: ‘Quitting smoking will altogether enhance your health, empowering you to enjoy a healthier and more extended life.

‘It improves your complexion by restoring grey, wrinkled and harmed skin to its natural colour. Your senses will enhance, permitting you to legitimately enjoy the taste of food and drink without the bitterness of tobacco in your mouth.

‘Your individual hygiene will likewise enhance as smoking can frequently expedite awful breath, stained teeth and gum sickness. Aside from these health profits, quitting recoveries you a lot of cash as a 20-a-day tendency requires over £2,000 a year to maintain.’

With everything taken into account, this campaign indicated how smoking could be damaging to health and how smokers might wind up resembling a “Zombie”.