The darling duo of Pakistani entertainment industry, Sajal Aly and Feroze Khan are all the rage about their debut Pakistani movie Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hay (ZKHH). The scintillating on and off screen chemistry between the stars has created quite the fervor, with audiences eagerly anticipating their upcoming flick, all set to release this Eid-ul-Azha.

The adorable pair had an exclusive chat with Brandsynario, dishing out all the inside scoops and details about the movie and their relationship!


Here is proof why Sajal Aly and Feroze Khan are just perfect for each other!

1. A fun loving, energetic duo- Sajal & Feroze have amazing energy off-screen!

When asked what their favorite scene from the movie was, the two stars got all excited and revealed some of their best ZKHH moments.


The level of comfort and frankness the two shared was just adorable. Not just this, the two actually believe in each other as actors and encourage one another to do better!


Don’t believe us? Watch the video below.

Sajal thinks Feroze is the best! She praised him for his “court scene” while Feroze lauded Sajal for her”threat scene” in the movie- We’ll definitely have to watch the movie now to prove who is right.

2. Sajal & Feroze Strongly Believe the movie will Outshine at the Box Office

The Gul-e-Rana famed couple believes the intensity of  ZKHH will make the movie outshine at the box office- The lead pair is ready to face the box office competition alongside Actor in Law and Janaan, with full zeal and fervor.

Infact the two were very confident about their movie doing wonders; they believe it’s very natural and the audiences will be able to relate to it.

ZKHH poster

Watch the movie trailer below and decide for yourselves!

Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hay- a love story about a young couple, Zain Ahmed & Mahira who get married at a very young age, is bound to be a total roller coaster ride! 

Pakistani movie Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hay Song “Udasiyan”- Watch Video

3. Revealing their favorite ZKHH songs, the duo sang a duet too! Isn’t that adorable?

The doe-eyed Sajal Aly, complemented the hunk Feroze Khan perfectly- it seems as if the two just fit somehow. Sajal’s favorite track from the movie is Tooteya Taara & the title track Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hay, sung by the very popular Momina Mustehsan.

zindagi kitni haseen hay

Feroze Khan, on the other hand, loves Uddasiyan & Sukhwinder Singh’s ‘Kitni Baar‘-Want to watch both of them hum the track together? See the video.

4. The two were truly humble- owing most of their fame and glory to God & hard work

The lovely couple revealed that they are still learners (kids) as compared to the other senior actors- they have learned a lot from them and are still learning (Were they referring to Actor in Law’s lead cast, Fahad & Mehwish?)


They credited most of their fame, glory and success to God. How modest! We like them even more now, don’t we?

5. Gul-e-Rana is the closest thing to their Hearts!

Out of the two serials credited to their names as the leading pair, Gul-e-Rana wins! They are both in love with the drama, and Feroze even went on saying that it is closer to him than Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hay.


Watch the two gush over the serial in a video below:

The duo is smitten with the rising, Coke Studio famed vocalist, Momina Mustehsan. The singer has sung the title track of the movie quite beautifully!

The delightful duo revealed how the transition from dramas to movies has been an immense learning experience.

zindagi kitni haseen hay

Miss them on your television screens? Here is good news for Sajal and Feroze fans, the duo will not stop acting in dramas- we’ll get to see more of these two, in Pakistan and in Bollywood!

6. Is the On-screen Spark turning into Real love?

Since the two share such an amazing spark on-screen, rumors are always buzzing about the two dating in real life- some heard they might even get married soon!

Brandsynario confronted the two about the one question fans are dying to know the answer to- Here is what they said:

What do you guys think? Are they really just best friends? Seems as if the two secretly want to be together and why not, it’s what all the rest of us want!

7. Sajal’s favorite actor is another FK, Fawad Khan!

Brandsynario asked Sajal who her favorite star was and we were shocked to know it wasn’t Feroze Khan! Apparently, the diva is smitten by  Pakistan’s King, Fawad Khan. But her revelation triggered a streak of jealousy in Feroze and it was bound to be noticeable. Don’t believe us? Watch it below:

However, Khan took an endless time to answer who her favorite actress was! Was it cause he is just obsessed with Sajal or was it a mere thinking pause? We bet it was the former!

We enjoyed the possessiveness in the air that the good-looking pair had for each other.

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