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Sometimes, we come across pieces of news we are repulsed by. These pieces have something quite unethical in them. When we think about offensive terms, a lot of words come to mind. However, there is another way one can offend. It is if they understate the value of an issue that is quite dire and vital. In recent news, a Zara designer has just made some comments on Palestinian supporters.

We are all aware of the current situation of Palestine. The injustice that the Palestinians are going through, is quite high. They suffer through days and days of cut-off supplies. They live in constant fear of attacks and they are hoping to have their voice heard. We urge you to not stop posting about the situation on social media. The more the people know about this, the better. So what did this Zara designer do?

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Zara Reputation Dunked

According to sources, a model was seen engaging in conversation on Instagram. It seems that the model had said how they hate Israel and consider it evil. In response, the head designer at Zara, Vanessa Perilman, had commented. The comment consisted of her saying how Palestinian supporters are violent and ignorant. She then proceeded to further add that the whole situation is not Israel’s fault.

This entire event caused quite a rift on the internet. The anger of the people is justified because the designer of Zara has made some very offensive remarks. The remarks are not just offensive but insensitive to the situation and the people of Palestine. Calling the supporters violent and ignorant undermines the entire Palestinian cause.

The Back Lash

After the comment had been done, an apology was allegedly asked for and given. When the entire issue was reported to Zara, they claimed something else. They said that the designer had not said anything from any official Zara account.  Additionally, they stated that they have launched an investigation. However, Zara tried to brush off the entire situation. They have not once demanded anything from Vanessa. The public is thinking to boycott Zara and all its products.

Many are even calling out to remove the designer from the lead designation. It seems that Vanessa deleted her Instagram account after everything that unfolded. The comments are insensitive. We think they should not be made. This entire situation is going to have quite a lot of consequences for the brand itself. To associate oneself with such an insensitive event is not going to be appreciated.

Taking Action

The Palestinian issue is an extremely dire one and we cannot let their voice go unheard. We simply cannot undermine their efforts to rid themselves of this injustice.

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Zara designer comment about Palestine
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