It’s almost going to be a month now, when the Pakistani-Canadian comedian Zaid Ali T got hitched. The wedding was the talk of the town on all social media platforms. Now however, it seems like he finally has found the time to properly introduce his fans to their bhabi

Gul Ahmed Summer Lawn 21

Zaid Ali being himself, chose a quirky, fun way to do that. Basically, the lovebirds played a fun crossfire game of Q&A, answering a few questions asked by the fans.

We found out some pretty interestingly fun things about the duo.

Bhabi exposed the Zaid Ali behind the dupatta and apparently, he’s pretty messy but extremely adorable.

Case in point? Zaid went on to count the things that he loves about his wife.

“I love the fact that she’s so beautiful. I love that fact that she’s really smart. I love the fact that she goes to the gym everyday. I love the fact that she prays five times a day. I love that fact that she takes care of herself. I love the fact that she cleans a lot. I love the fact that she only eats healthy!”

Zaid Ali had to answer to the typical desi questions which went something like,

 ‘Are you two cousins?’

Their reaction?? Find out in the complete video below!

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Content contributed by Abeer Anwaar