Aren’t we all tired of Shaam Idrees and his numerous phony attempts to make us get all excited for his marriage?

Guess we are not the only one! Seems like his Youtuber friend, Zaid Ali too seems irked by his numerous VLOGs declaring his pseudo marriage!

Always be confident 🙂

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Over the past few months, both Shaam Idrees and Froggy have united to conduct the ‘Biggest Dare on Youtube’.

Apparently, in a bid to gain more subscribers, the pair has kickstarted a challenge that they will get married if they hit 2 Million subscribers by 16th October.

Well, this whole ‘Shaam weds Froggy’ drama has been happening for quite some time. And Zaid Ali decided to expose just that!

Taking to Twitter, the Youtube sensation posted a screenshot of all the clickbait vlogs in which Shaam Idress has been announcing his ‘so-called’ wedding with Froggy.

We bet there are even more in number!

Via; Zaid Ali Twitter

Zaid Ali is clearly not coming slow and we are loving it!

Following with this savage trolling, Shaam Idrees’s arch enemy, Saad ur Rehman aka Ducky Bhai too seized the chance of roasting the Canadain Youtuber.

Highlighting how he has been using Zaid Ali’s name over the years to get fame, Ducky Bhai grilled him like the pro he is!

Apparently, Twitterverse joined Zaid Ali and Ducky Bhai in trolling Shaam Idrees even more!

Now people want Ducky Bhai to plan #Shroggy’s wedding!

Let’s wait and watch if Shaam & Froggy will respond to Zaid Ali & Ducky Bhai!

Do you think Shroggy will hit 2 Million subscribers by 16th October 2018? Let us know in the comments below!

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