For all the online gamers out there, YouTube is geared up to bring the all-new gaming streaming service this summer. Apart from featuring prominently in the original website, the gaming service will get its own dedicated website and application.

This news was announced on the official YouTube blog by Alan Joyce, the product manager of Youtube.

Projected features of the service include:

  • 60fps streaming
  • DVR
  • Stream to video conversion
  • Low latency option for people with slower internet

Bringing game developers and users from all over the world togather, YouTube Gaming will offer 25,000 dedicated video game pages, showing all of the popular videos and live streams that are related to that title.

Although the exact date of launch is still not known, the service will be launched in limited countries this summer.

By far, Twitch has been the only real name in game streaming for the longest time. Earlier this year before starting this service, Google tried to buy Twitch. However, maybe as a blessing in disguise, the deal didn’t work out.

Will it be turning point for Twitch’s monopoly or just a passing by challenge? Too early to comment!