YouTube Stories

Last November, The world’s largest video platform- YouTube,  launched their ‘ YouTube Stories’ feature.

It allows creators to upload short videos online for 7 days for subscribers and non-subscribers, similar to Instagram Stories.

It allows fans and creators to interact, like in live videos with one another. Users can comment and respond to each other. Any creator with more than 10,000 subscribers, can avail the story feature.

However, not every creator is pleased as many have blamed the feature to be a ripoff of Instagram’s stories feature.

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Nonetheless, the feature is open to them and will bridge the gap between users & them, which could lead the door open for a positive feedback and outcome in the future.

YouTube is focused on Stories is to create comments and conversations between people, kinda what Instagram also does.

Whether, the disposable form of short, temporary videos will be a hit on YouTube among the more serious creators, remains to be seen.

YouTube also says that the Stories are:

“specifically designed with the YouTube creator in mind”

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