Innocence of Muslim

Remember the blasphemous anti-Islamic movie that ignited protest all over the globe and even led to the ban of YouTube in Pakistan?

Well it is in the news all over again for being ordered to be removed from YouTube by a U.S appeals court on the charges of hosting copyright material.

The plaintiff, Cindy Lee Garcia claimed that the director of the provocative video “Innocence of Muslims” had misused her images recorded for another movie and then dubbed to produce offensive anti-Islamic content.

As a result, Garcia not only lost her job but even started to receive death threats for her appearance in the video cum trailer.

Adamant, Google didn’t agree with the ruling and protested against it.

Arguing that Garcia appears in the recording for just 5 seconds; Google appealed that the footage should not be confiscated from the internet and claimed the court’s judgment to be against freedom of speech.

Luckily, Google’s effort didn’t go in vain and the U.S court granted the search engine a concession of running the trailer again on the world’s biggest online video platform, but only after editing Garcia’s part from the video.

Though Google failed with its copyright suit but it still emerged as the winner, as the trailer of the anti-Islamic movie is still up and running on YouTube.

Prior to this recent ruling of retaining the video by the U.S court (no s required I feel) , the Pakistani government was planning to raise the 18 month old ban on YouTube which was imposed due to this trailer in the first place.

However, it’s not yet clear on how this recent decision on the upload of edited versions of the trailer will impact the odds of YouTube returning in Pakistan.