Your Smartphone Will Now be Able to Take Temperature, Assess Blood Levels & Tell Your DNA


Remember the time you may have been told that soon enough will come a time when little devices can tell if you have fever, diabetes and also confirm if your dad is really your dad!

  Well they are here, and you can now also call from them (and use Whatsapp).

It’s ironic how new technology obsoletes old technology, daily.

What came as a breakthrough in the form of fingerprint recognition is now being overtaken by ‘sensors’ that can detect body temperature, work as a thermometer & blood-sugar level monitor and unbelievably analyze user DNA culture.

Scientists from Polytechnique Montreal and Gorilla Glass manufacturer Corning have successfully developed new display sensors for smartphones that can read and examine anyone’s DNA culture by taking a sample of their spit.

According to the developers, these sensors will now be embedded within the future smartphone displays, allowing them to be unparalleled in not only keeping records of their owners’ health but also in providing them with customized health tips and advice.

As if this wasn’t enough, the team working on this has also created a ‘first laser-written light-guiding system’ (according to them), it could pioneer the current technological advancements and shoot lasers into glass to create pathways that can transmit data in the form of small beams of light.

For those of you who have no clue what it means, let’s just say it’s something similar to an electronic wire that conveys electrical signals, adding these waveguides to mobile phones with a readable code, can open up opportunities for smartphone manufacturers to get creative.

This amazing study was published in the Optics Express journal.