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At the beginning of this year, the teasers of a HUM TV drama, Pyar Ke Sadqay, made rounds on the internet. The show received well-deserved attention due to its unique teasers. It featured an incredible cast, including Bilal Abbas Khan, Yumna Zaidi, and Yashma Gill. The first teaser featured Yumna and Bilal dancing on a stairway. Yumna wore a pink shirt along with a dungaree.


The audience hoped that the drama would be unique. Yumna Zaidi plays the character of Mahjabeen, a naive girl who marries Abdullah, played by Bilal Abbas. The show revolves around their married life, which suffers due to Abdullah’s step-father and ex-girlfriend.

Abdullah marries Mahjabeen after the girl he’s in love with, Shanzay, insults and rejects him. Shanzay is a manipulative person. Her re-entry in the drama has caused many fans to be frustrated.

Fans frustrated after the re-entry of Yashma Gill.

A fan expressed her anger at Shanzay, Yashma Gill’s character. This was due to Shanzay’s nature, asking Abdullah to marry her, or she will kill herself.

The Twitter user was talking about a scene from episode 22 of the drama where Shanzay manipulates Abdullah to marry her. She also tells him that if he wouldn’t, then she will die.

Here is the scene mentioned above:


Rising actress Yashma Gill came across this tweet. She said that she hopes that people can understand what manipulation is through this drama. Yashma Gill hopes that through her character, Shanzay, she can teach people how not to get forced by people. She further wrote that she wishes that people can say no to others.

The neglected NO

The importance of saying no and standing up for oneself is often neglected in our culture and society. These valuable lessons are not taught to children. In the drama, on the one hand, Abdullah is getting manipulated by Shanzay.

On the other hand, Mahjabeen is being harrassed by Sarwar, Abdullah’s step-father. While Mansoora, Abdullah’s mother, chooses to ignore the situation completely. Others also have a hard time believing Mahjabeen about the harassment.


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The actress did a tremendous job of reminding us of how important it is to understand things like these.

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