Xbox One Gets a Premium Gold Plated Look
By Hassan Wasti


Now here is something that will look good in your living room – a 24 carat gold plated Xbox One console available for gamers who own the right amount of money and sense of style.

Having broken all records at its launch, Xbox One previously sold 2 million units in 18 days and went on to become the console with the highest number of sales in its first week. We are not yet sure if people are lining up to buy the gold-plated Xbox as the target market this time around is only a select few.

Microsoft officials recently reported that the demand for Xbox One is exceeding its supply and the Xbox One has been sold out in many stores ahead of Christmas.

The gold-plated Xbox comes with no additional functionality, apart from its luxurious look it doesn’t bring anything new to the table. Also it remains uncertain if this limited version comes with a Kinect sensor or not, but what this edition does promise is an experience like never before.

Previously we have only seen tablets or smartphones coming out with the gold look this is a first time that a gaming console has done this, maybe it is Microsoft’s way of celebrating the success of Xbox One.

The console was manufactured by Microsoft and then gold plated by the customization Company Crystal Rocked.

The gold plated console is available at €6000 at Harrods making the €429 asking price for the normal console look like a bargain. It is not yet disclosed as to how many sets are available so, if you have the cash be sure to get your hands on this piece of beauty this Christmas.