World’s Most Valuable Nation Brands 2018

The leading brand evaluation consultancy, Brand Finance has rolled out its annual report of the world’s 100 leading valuable nation brands. The findings aim to put a dollar value on the brand image of the countries.

The rankings were devised based on a country’s reputation and the brand image it has on governments, investors, students, and consumers. It calculates a Brand Strength Index score by evaluating good and services, society and investment.

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World’s Most Valuable Nation Brands 2018

Following is the list of top fifteen most valuable nation brands:

Rank Country 2018 Brand Value in Billion Change (vs. 2017)
#1 United States 25,899 0.23
#2 China 12,779 0.25
#3 Germany 5,147 0.28
#4 United Kingdom 3,750 0.2
#5 Japan 3,598 0.05
#6 France 3,224 0.09
#7 Canada 2,224 0.08
#8 Italy 2,214 0.09
#9 India 2,159 0.05
#10 South Korea 2,001 0.08
#11 Australia 1,669 0.11
#12 Spain 1,606 0.14
#13 Netherlands 1,190 0.18
#14 Mexico 1,066 0.02
#15 Switzerland 973 -0.04


The U.S.A ranks on top as the most valuable nation brand with $25,899 billion brand value The fastest-growing brand in the top 50 of the Brand Finance Nation Brands 2018, Germany has seen a 28% brand value jump to US$5147 Billion.

Pakistan has occupied the 51st spot in the list with $196 billion brand value. The brand rating lies in the ‘A’ category, symbolizing that the nation falls between strong and developing nation.

Our neighboring nation India boasts a stronger brand value of $2159 billion and occupies the 9th spot on the list.

The rankings depict a clear image that Pakistan has a weaker brand value and consequently, a poor brand image amongst the nations of the world.

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