In what is seen as a risky and controversial bet, WordPress is open sourcing its code base. The creator of WordPress, Automattic, has announced a new admin interface Calypso for WordPress website. Does this mean WordPress shifting from PHP to JavaScript?

For a briefer introduction, Calypso is an editor and RSS reader for WordPress websites. However, with enabling Automattic’s JetPack Plugin, one can use Calypso for managing the content.

While WordPress is using PHP since 2000, the company’s chief and Founder Matt Mullenweg consider the interface a struggle despite its bug fixes. Calypso, on the other hand, comes with open libraries such as Node and React to enable more social, stats, likes and notifications in the code.

This means that the open sourcing would enable more external development, more plug-ins, custom interfaces and distributions on and around While it offers plug-ins to manage a blog, there is a missing interface for custom fields needed for the websites.


With open sourcing its code, WordPress has given developers a chance to build more flexible Plugins and admin interfaces. While the WordPress is still written in PHP, the front end development with the Calypso is sure to change and one has to have the knowledge of JavaScript for building future WordPress sites.