Google has marked the International Women’s Day on Tuesday with one of the most remarkable #OneDayIWill doodle featuring the real inspirational women rather than animated characters.

Celebrated on 8th March, the international Women’s Day is a worldwide event focusing towards inspirational women who have or wish to break the stereotypes and global barriers.

The giant search engine posted a short video on the Google homepage; the video showcases women sharing their goal, aims and aspirations by completing the opening “One day I will..”

The video also features Malala Yousufzai, standing with a girl and saying “One day we will… see every girl in school”.

The doodle was created by Liat Ben-Rafael who says that it was crucial for her to feature real women instead of animated characters, usually a part of the Google doodles.

“International Women’s Day is a celebration of the women who are here today working towards a better future, and in that sense it was important for me to make sure that we celebrate the real women,” she said.

The video doodle is featuring women from all over the globe. Google has also shared the Indian version of the video on YouTube.

Watch video below:

“It’s the unsung heroes, this is what we’re celebrating, so not showing the real women behind this would be a big loss.”

Users of Google can simply play the video on Google homepage in their browser on 8th March. The Google users are also motivated to share their personal aspirations on social media with the #OneDayIWill hashtag.

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