Microsoft has released its Windows 10 which combines the features of Windows 7 and Windows 8, having more similarities to Windows 7. The new Windows is simple and easy to use, capable of operating on all computing devices; tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktops.

This time Windows goes an extra mile with mega transformations in interface and features. With this more advanced, more upgraded operating system you can sow your wild oats.

  1. Start Menu is Back!

The start menu that users were missing lately is back on the left bottom corner of your screen where you liked it, although live tiles have not been removed completely but they won’t be taking the entire screen anymore.

  1. Microsoft Comes Home

Windows Explorer has also seen some improvements. You can now find useful locations and folder under Quick Access option right in the ‘Home’ view, making it easier to maneuver through your data. A list of recently opened documents or files can also be found beneath in the same option.

  1. Snap

Multi-tasking has reached to a whole new experience with the Snap feature coming along in the new Windows 10. You can drag the window you are working on to a corner and then snap it to dedicated half (or quarter ) area of your screen while Snap strings out the remaining windows on the available area. You can even split your screen in four quadrants and pin four different windows in each corner.

  1. Task View

Another great includes the ‘Task View’ which allows you to see all your open windows and swap across each with convenience. A feature that brought into play by Alt + Tab combination, but since most users are unaware of it, the newfangled Task switcher will do the job for you. The Task View icon has been embedded in the taskbar for the ease of use.

  1. Hey Cortana!

A phone-assistant, Cortana that crops up by calling ‘Hey Cortana’ or by exploring search menu is an interactive search pane. It can show your apps, your documents, search results from the web and other information.

  1. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge, a browser that is made for browsing, allows you to write, type or doodle right on your web page. You can make notes and also share these notes with other later on. If you are in for a distraction free read online, Microsoft Edge will make sure you there are no interruptions. Reading view will clear out all the junk so you may ready what you want to read without unrelated stuff popping in. And with Cortana built-in, you can pull out information from the web with your eyes shut.

  1. Xbox One Streaming

For gamers, Microsoft’s Xbox will be an app to adore. The app allows you to stream Xbox One on your laptop machines. DVR, a great addition to the app will enable you to take screenshot and record or generate clips right from your laptop. Moreover, you can engage with your friends over party chats with the app, and the sound quality is superb even if you use built-in microphone of your device.

  1. Entertainment in one place!

To boot, the new salubrious Microsoft Store accumulates games, apps, music, movies and TV all in one place. Providing a platform to both users and developers, the Store aims to garner apps that will run in all Windows based devices. Hopefully, it will also encourage developers and we will see some astounding apps on Windows soon.

  1. MS Office Update

Microsoft Office, the sin qua non of Windows comes with improved, unbarred, touch-based apps. Word, Excel and Powerpoint with their clean user interface, the swift experience and the new editing features are more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

  1. Touch Windows

Even though Windows 10 is about reviving the use of keyboard and mouse, it does not forsake touch user interface that Windows 8 introduced previously. Tablet mode offered in the Windows enables you to control your screen with the swipe of your fingers.

The new Windows 10 is full of excitement and fun-to-use experience. It comes with all new approach while incorporating merits of Windows 7 and Windows 8, but it has an entirely different experience from both. The updates now rolling will surely remove all the errors and bug and make it magnificent program to run on your devices.