Summer in Pakistan has already taken charge. As the temperatures soar, people are looking for ways to take a fun and cool break. The first that comes to mind is traveling. Who doesn’t like to travel? It is an experience unlike any other. It is a rejuvenating time that helps people get back on track. However planning and executing a full holiday abroad can be tricky. Not everyone can do it.

But now, your holiday plans are within reach. All you have to do is participate in a fun little game. Tapal Danedar chai, a household name in Pakistan is giving its fans a chance to win two tickets to Thailand! Yes, you read that correctly. Tapal Danedar’s #ShareAPass campaign that is currently running on their Facebook page asks people to participate via their website –

Take a look at this cute little video, giving more details about the campaign.

Tapal is a family oriented brand that promotes unity and togetherness amongst loved ones. This latest campaign is a continuation of the idea. The game is designed to be participated in by couples. It talks about how on a daily basis, couples perform thoughtful little acts of kindness for each other which strengthens their bond and makes them more grateful. These acts are described as ‘passes’ if one person does something nice for the other, they earn a pass to do something they want.

Couples who have been together for a while tend to take each other for granted. Little acts of kindness go unnoticed and a distance is created. Tapal Danedar’s campaign is trying to bridge the gap and get the couple to appreciate each other and all that they do for each other. Even tiny things like making tea for a partner, cooking their favorite food, etc can go a long way and be remembered.

The campaign #ShareAPass encourages couples to visit the Facebook app of Tapal Danedar and fill in their answers as a couple. The instructions as given are simple. Visit the Facebook page, click on ‘Share a Pass’ link. Select the name of your partner from your Facebook friend list and share it on their wall.

This game has attracted quite some attention, with many calling is a brilliant marketing strategy to attract new customers base. Numerous entries have already been received and if you too are interested you can join in as well. After all the prize is a trip for two to Thailand. What seems to be better than that?

This campaign by Tapal Danedar is truly unique and comes at a very good time as people are planning holidays. The digital activity is not only bringing couples together, it is making them appreciate all that their other half does for them on a daily basis. The cute video is well executed and is very relatable. That is the reason why the activity has been noticed by so many people who have readily participated in it. Tapal has managed to attracted people other than its usual target audience which says a lot.