In light of the Universal Children’s Day, Unilever infuses a new ray of hope and optimism via its latest advertisement, targeting parents who are bothered by hard questions about bringing a child in the world of today.

For sure, the world today is in a mess. Numerous problems hover over earth always like a shadow. Anxious parents are scared to raise their young in a place haunted by uncertainty and fear.

Unilever’s commercial “Why bring a child into this world?” gives such couples a reason to welcome their children amidst all the insecurity.

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“There are only a few moments in a person’s life where they stop and really think about the future,” said Marc Mathieu, SVP of Marketing at Unilever

“Having a baby is one of those moments. We wanted to create a piece that shows how people can open up emotionally to change the way they live.”

The film shows a number of aspiring parents from all over the world. Uneasy and gripped with all kinds of dilemmas, they share their worries and doubts about raising children today.

They are then shown a video that ensures them that the future world will be a much better place to live than the present. Their children will open eyes in a greener planet where technological advancements have made ample food, clean water and a healthier mode of living a successful possibility.

“Breathe calmly — bring your children into this world; there has never been a better time to create a brighter future for everyone on the planet and for those yet to come,” says the voice over in the video to the parents.

The videos touch a deep nerve with all the couples. With tears in their eyes, they realized that a brighter future truly awaits their children.

The endeavor is a part of Unilever’s Project Sunlight which is a Sustainable Living Plan, motivating people to embrace a greener lifestyle.

Share your views on Unilever’s remarkable “Why bring a child into this world?” campaign.


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