Mahnoor Baloch is one of those Pakistani actresses that are inspired and fazed when people see them and some even envy her – Reason being, her forever young beauty and natural looks. According to the internet, the once very famous actress is now 52 years old but looks not even a day older than 30 years old. Many times, people don’t believe when the actress tells them about her age. Despite her youthful appearance and acting skill set, she has not been seen on TV screens for a long time now. But she has finally revealed the reason behind that.

Image Source: Siasat. pk

Mahnoor Baloch recently appeared on a YouTube talk show alongside Noman Masood hosted by Javeria and Saud. They talked about many topics that revolved around the Pakistani TV and film industry. During the interview, she opened up about why she has been on a hiatus from the industry. Here have a look at the video first.

Mahnoor Baloch said, “To be honest, unfortunately, our industry is still evolving, it is very unfortunate that certain types of roles have been designed and fixed for female actors. They will always be cast in the same roles, there is an age limitation for such roles as well. If you see international media industries, there are different genres, they tell stories about different age groups, they show different phases of life, and their actors portray characters as per their age group for example Nicole Kidman is still working, and they write special roles for their actors. In our industry, they only show love stories between the same boy and girl”.

Talking about the “boy-girl” plots she claimed that, “the hero is not turning old even at the age of 55, it might look good to them but when you see it from normal people’s perspective, it doesn’t work anymore because people are evolving and they can’t accept such things” 

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