Who Is This Funny Pakistani Kid Teaching Everyone English?

Pakistan has now evolved its cultural characteristics. Humor is now a big part of online Pakistani life. Every other day, a new video goes viral on the internet for its display of unique humor. In this age of internet virality, most random things become internet sensations.

The ‘desi’ style of life has been the subject of the most well-known memes and viral videos made by local artists. Especially, when it comes to Pakistani’s obsession with the English language.

Many people have made comedy videos and memes on Pakistani’s obsession with speaking English to prove something and their unsuccessful attempts at speaking it. Such incidents only cause people to make a fool out of themselves.

Recently, a Pakistani kid has been going viral for teaching everyone English. The irony is that he isn’t even teaching English. Here have a look.

This Pakistani kid has gone viral for his video where he teaches everyone English for the word “billi” which means “cat” in English. The funny part is that he doesn’t speak a word of English but just pronounces “billi” in a funny English accent. His name is Jamshaid and he usually goes by Jamshaid Vlogger on all of his social media platforms. Jamshaid has over 10k followers on Youtube and over 30k followers on Instagram. His video was a global sensation. Many content creators and celebrities recreated and lip-synced his video. So much so that, many people even across the border recreated his video as it is and gained popularity through it.

Not much is known about Jamshaid himself but he is quite the internet sensation. He also makes vlogs on Youtube and gains a moderate amount of views and likes. Here are his Youtube and Instagram for those who want to stalk him.

All we know is that this kid has become a viral meme. Other platforms that have posted his video have gained over millions of views because of the kid’s unique humor. This has also opened many opportunities for Jamshaid to kick-start his social media career. What do you think about Jamshaid? Let us know in the comments below.

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