White Castle approaches Sprite to send Cravers to Hip Hop Awards 2013
By Anum Saeed

White Castle, a popular food joint decided to partner with globally popular soft drink brand Sprite.

The Ohio-based family restaurant was operating since 1921 and has over 400 physical establishments in twelve states across the United States. With Sprite’s collaboration with the restaurant, it would give a boost to the restaurant and earn the loyalty of its customers.


As a result of this partnership, a celebration party was arranged. The restaurant revealed that fizzy drink cups will be swapped with special 30 oz. cups of Sprite.

In addition to these benefits, White Castle will also provide its customers – referred to as Cravers – free music downloads, free White Castle Food and also give a chance to participate in a competition and win a chance to attend the 2013 BET Hip-Hop awards.

To receive any one of the two benefits of music and free food, the cups supplied will come with a secret code attached at the bottom. This code will give customers oppurtunity to receive free food or music downloads sitting in the restaurant.

Customers will also have the chance to enter a special lucky draw and win a chance to go the BET Hip-Hop awards this year. For both brands, summer is a festive occasion and that their collaboration is sure to add colors to their customer’s service experience.