Food Resolution

It is that time of the year when people all around the world busily make mental notes on New Year resolutions to follow. Even if you get one out of ten resolutions right, you outdo a large pool of budding Resolut-ers that emerge every New Year.

From discussing ‘hairy matters’ on dinner table to dropping cameras in a soup bowl, our foodie friends cannot be left out of this scenario. For those who have had enough with annoying habits of their foodie friends and family, figured out ways you can help them make important food resolutions next year.

1. Will Not “Check-In” At Every Restaurant

This is too difficult to be true and no one should be robbed off their social media rights. But sometimes situations become really uncomfortable when that one friend tags you all over their social networks and demands a ‘Like’ for confirmation.

2. Will Not Call Instagram Food Pictures “Food Photography”

There are thousands of tips over the web telling you how to take Instagram pictures like real food photography but that one friend never pays heed to it. Cherry on top, you get to become the unaccredited judge of their masterwork.

3. Will Not Instagram A Friend’s Fancy Food As Mine

You order a pizza and that one friend pokes his head in between to take lots of pictures of your food. He does not care if the food is becoming cold and stale but he would exercise every right to let you know that taking pictures of food is more important than eating it.

4. Will Not Include Coke To My Juice Cleansing Diet

Then there are those who preach about healthy food eating and going on monthly juice cleansing diets. Such friends have certain addictions they wouldn’t like to be called out for such as carbonated drinks craving. If you have that one friend who consumes liters of sugary fizzy drinks and whines about those diets not working for him/her, give them a reality check.

5. Will Not Eat Gol Gappay When Avoiding All Street Food

Street food is prepared on the curbside by street vendors and Gol Gappay is one of the most loved items from street-side. If that one friend vows to give up on street food for good and cannot stop munching those delicious gol gappas every week, make them document those resolutions!

6. Will Not Try Out 30 “New Foods” For 30 Days

Watching out for weight this year and hopes to try thirty new items in the first month? That one friend needs some serious counseling and financial advice.

7. Will Not Discuss Calories On Dining Table

Everyone should be handed a set of rules which explicitly describe things NOT to discuss over the table. Discussing calories while one munches down a greasy beef sandwich is not very nice – for them.