imposter syndrome
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The latest syndrome people are paying attention to and creating awareness for is imposter syndrome. This syndrome is one many people suffer from and it is incredibly common in almost all workspaces or even academic settings. So what is imposter syndrome and how do people overcome it? This is everything you need to know about it:

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Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome is feelings of self-doubt and personal incompetence that arise despite one’s experience, education and accomplishments. When people feel imposter syndrome, they work extra hard and hold themselves to impsosibly high standards. This mostly results in their mental health suffering and them experiencing longer bouts of burnout.

What Can It Feel Like?

The imposter syndrome can represent a conflict between your self-perception and the way others perceive you. This conflict is terrible for your achievement and productivity.

imposter syndrome
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It can look something like when others praise your talents, you credit your successes to timing or good luck. You’re afraid you will never be able to achieve anything for real and others will soon realise that. The element of ‘fraudulence’ is a big part of it because most people think they’re defrauding others.

Manage It Like A Pro

Managing it is not as hard as it seems. There are several ways you can manage your imposter syndrome.

Don’t Block Your Feelings

Most of the times when we experience the imposter syndrome we tend to block that out. Rather than doing that, acknowledge your feelings. IF you’re feeling like you’re not good enough and that you haven’t accomplished anything, there’s a solution to it. However, first you need to open up yourself by acknowledging it.

imposter syndrome
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Speak To A Trusted Companion

Speaking to a trusted companion about what you’re feeling can help a lot more than you think. If your experience is currently being restricted because of the imposter syndrome, others can help you see what you don’t. 

Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

imposter syndrome
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A huge problem with our imposter syndrome is also how we continue to compare ourselves to others. This amplifies our imposter syndrome by continuously making us think we’re not like them. As a result, we feel more down-trodden and like a big fraud. Try avoiding looking at others as metrics of success and know you have your own path!

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