What Does Your Favorite Pizza Topping Say About You?



Someone wise once said, You are what you eat. Even though, no one really fancies the “tomato” look, the food choices we make do tend to say something about us.

In fact, many people often like to describe themselves as caffeine addicts or burger aficionados. It really comes as no surprise then that for many in Karachi, food is serious business.

Let’s take our favorite pizza toppings for example. 

1. Pepperoni

If you blurt out “pepperoni!” every time someone asks you for a pizza topping, you belong in this category. You are very particular about your food and almost always are able to get your way with things. Pepperoni lovers, you guys are a force to reckon with.

Defining movie quote: “I can’t help it that I’m so popular.” – Mean Girls

Best trait: Leader of the pack

2. Chicken Tikka

Whatever everyone else may decide, you always go for the chicken tikka. You go for the “tried and tested” things in life and prefer the old school over the unknown. Loyal and steady, you guys enjoy mass support!

Defining TV quote: “Your hair is different. You changed your hair. I can’t take this. I’m out.” – Sheldon Cooper

Best trait: Steady & reliable.

3. Veggie

You consider your food a piece of art and prefer it to be sprinkled with your favorite things. You go for the aesthetics and value flavor over everything else. Veggie lovers, you guys bring in the diversity!

Defining movie quote: “You can buy a house and run away from it!” – We’re The Millers

Best trait: Enthusiast of finer things in life

4. Extra Cheese

You tend to live life loud. Why settle on a standard cheese topping when you can have more? You are unapologetic and confident and that makes you the life of any party! Cheese lovers, you guys make the group!

Defining TV quote: “Only one layer of jam? What’s up with that?” – Joey

Best trait: Unabashed about what you’re

5. Hot N Spicy

People tend to question your choices a lot but you know how to stand your ground. So what if it’s a little more extreme than others? In fact, the more they stand out from the rest, the better. Hot N Spicy lovers, you guys are intense!

Defining TV quote: “What are we gonna do next?” – Gordon from Halt and Catch Fire

Best trait: Easy to spot!

Want to join the pizza crowd? Karachiites will be devouring their favorite pizzas on Tuesday here.