It is rightly said that ‘smallest coffins are the heaviest’. The brutal rape and murder of the seven-year-old, Zainab in Kasur has created a massive uproar in the whole of Pakistan.

A wave of melancholy has swept over the entire nation as people are grieving the horrific death of the innocent soul.

Countrywide protests have erupted where citizens are demanding strict punishment to be taken against the heartless animal who killed the minor child.

Celebrities have joined in the outcry and are raising their voice on the crucial matter. Some have taken to Karachi’s press club to join the sit-ins. The rest are using the power of media to express their deep sorrow.

Yesterday, Samaa TV’s new bulletin on the issue, featuring the anchor, Kiran Naz has become the talk of the town.

The host made a point about how the incident impacted her as a mother by bringing her own daughter on the show.

Kiran started the bulletin by saying:

“Today I’m not your host Kiran Naz. I’m a mother and that is why I’m sitting here with my daughter”

Fearlessly, she lashed out at the weak police investigation and the silence of the politicians over such cases.

“The truth is that the girl does not need your justice. She will get justice by her God on Judgement Day when she questions her death and asks her fault”

Many people found her gesture of bringing her own daughter to the show powerful and commendable!

Twitterati cannot help lauding her moving speech on the pressing matter!

Because of her brave and thoughtful deed, her admirers have grown to manifold!

Even BBC has expressed their desire to feature her on one the channel.

Even Zee news is willing to feature her!

However, some keyboard warriors have slammed Kiran for using her daughter for the sake of ratings!

Many pointed out the fact that this tragedy was not the time to create such drama.

Some have accused her of going overboard to trigger emotions from her viewers!

Along with all the praises, the backlash too was really strong!

Watch Kiran’s complete news bulletin on Zainab’s rape case here!

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