Pakistan’s Bhabhi aka Shaneria Akram, wife of Pakistani Cricketer Waseem Akram, started a ‘Road Safety Awareness Campaign’ on Twitter. The campaign started yesterday, 10th August.

Mrs. Akram noted a mother driving while bottle-feeding her child in her lap. Being a mother herself, and a responsible citizen, she could not tolerate that behaviour.


This made her very angry and she took it to Twitter to give everyone a wake-up call about safety and precautions, as this behaviour not only puts the mother at risk but the baby as well.

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To her tweet, an individual replied by saying welcome to Pakistan, as if everyone is now immune to these driving conditions and have accepted this deadly behavior. However, Mrs. Akram did not approve of it, she gave a powerful reply which received positive response from all over Twitter.


Her Twitter account then started to flood with tweets in regards to how drivers should be driving on the road and how other’s safety should also be our main concern. She even mentioned that driving is no game or a joke, but it’s a responsibility each citizen of Pakistan must accept as their duty.

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Soon, her Twitter awareness rant became a social campaign, and with everyone supporting her, she is requesting people to be ‘Road Smart’ on Independence day so as to prevent mishaps and accidents from taking place during national celebrations.


And then when a Pakistani brought it to the platform to tell her that her tweets are useless, she Twitter-shamed him to teach a lesson he surely will never forget!

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