Warid Telecom has been sued by Digital and Mobile Marketing agency, Walnut Media for breach of contract in the Civil Court (Lahore) for damages worth PKR 13.2 million.

Walnut Media provided Mobile Ring Back Tone (MRBT) platform to Warid since October, 2011 under a mutually signed contract which involved Walnut purchasing rights of popular and devotional soundtracks from various artists/singers.

The songs were then provided to Warid, to be used as caller tunes as part of their services provided to their customers.

According to the news received from Walnut Media  , Warid has not paid Walnut for their services provided after July 2012, owing a sum of PKR 1,976,951.41 along with mark up.

On 18th June 2013 Warid abruptly removed all the content provided by Walnut from their platform, without any prior warning.

According to Walnut’s official statement,

“The content was removed in entirety without any notice and this is a clear violation of the agreed contractual terms between the two parties rendering Warid liable for immediate payment of all outstanding amounts even if they no longer wish to be associated with Walnut in any way. 

Furthermore, Walnut was accused for being an unreliable and untrustworthy business partner. Such unlawful actions have damaged Walnut’s position in the market and have caused considerable losses.”

The Court has now issued a notice directing Warid to appear before it for the adjudication of this dispute.

Stay tuned to read the official statements from both the parties.