Warid introduces Zakat Calculator App
By Ufaq Ashfaque
JULY 19, 2013 – Telecom service provider Warid enters the digital marketing zone by launching its Zakat Calculator application. Launched during Ramadan, this application has been embedded for users that require first-hand knowledge about Zakat. The Warid Zakat Calculator provides a detailed, calculated analysis of Zakat, a certain percentage of alms and deductions. People tend to usually struggle with the amount of money that they are supposed to donate to the needy. The calculator will help calculate the amount that a person is liable to pay. Apart from this, the application provides information related to the composition of Zakat, significance of duty and departing knowledge for self-improvement and analysis. With the Zakat Calculator, Warid has entered as the first telecom service provider, targeting customers through digital media. Also, people are now aware of the significance of Zakat and that too with accurate calculations. Warid has played on it and has managed to inculcate the concept of the greater good, bringing people closer to religion during Ramadan.