Wall’s new TVC Celebrates Mother’s Day with a Heartwarming Concept

Mother’s Day 2017 was quite interesting to watch. There were those people who went all out and celebrated the day making sure their mums had a great time. Then there were some who argued that we shouldn’t just be thoughtful on one day and proceeded to do nothing at all. A number of deals and discounts were introduced especially for Mother’s Day and many brands launched thought-provoking TVC to commemorate the occasion.

Walls was one such brand, with a unique TVC that compelled the audience to re-evaluate their daily lifestyle.

Watch the TVC below:

We are so caught up in our own lives that we forget to take out time for the ones who love us most- our mothers! Watch this heartfelt video to see how Hira and Asad #MakeTimeForMom. Comment below and let us know your plans for Mother’s Day to enter a chance to win a Walls’ gift for your mother #WallsCreamyDelights #BadhayeRishtonKiMithaas

Posted by Wall's on Thursday, May 11, 2017

This is what the brand had to say “We are so caught up in our own lives that we forget to take out time for the ones who love us most- our mothers!” The heartwarming concept behind the ad is a reminder to us all. Often we get so busy with life that we forget to spend time with the one person who deserves it the most. Even after that, our mothers try to be a part of our lives, often trying to fit in by doing things we do.

The TVC is a story of one such mother who is constantly trying to be a part of her two children’s life. The kids being young adults have their own social life. The mother is always in her own way trying to join in the conversation. As a last resort, she joins in the social media website she sees her kids frequenting. She does what every parent has done after making an online account: send friend requests to her kids, tagging them in childhood pictures etc.

Initially, the kids feel embarrassed by all this, but soon they realize the actual reason why their mother felt the need to do this. Walls has always been a family-oriented brand. In the past too, they have come up with heartwarming TVCs that celebrate togetherness and loving families. This TVC too makes you shed a tear or two over the idea and makes you appreciate your mums a little bit more.