Visually Impaired
Image Source: Arab News

These days you will find a seasoned beggar at every roadside asking for your money. But it comes as a surprise when we come across people who do not fall to such a profession and continue working hard regardless of the obstacles. Such an individual is found in Karachi Qasba Colony. He is visually impaired but that doesn’t stop him from working to earn his living.

Muhammad Zarnosh’s life story

Muhammad Zarnosh is a classic example of when life throws problems at you, you face them head-on and try to work around them. And Zarnosh has been facing the problem since birth. When he was born, he started experiencing eyesight problems. But made do with it.

His father taught him plumbing and electric work when he was a teenager because it is important to have a skill. He excelled in it but here came the problem, the sight that was dwindling completely went away almost 10 years ago when he was in his twenties. Now, the skill he had acquired was electricity-related and without seeing what he is working on could, the work could prove very dangerous.

visually impaired
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No Way Out?

This was indeed a very tough situation. However, the alternative for not taking on the electric jobs was begging and he refused to succumb to that. According to him:

“It’s better to do work and labour to earn a livelihood for my children than to beg. I am disabled but I am toiling for bread and butter. I have seen people who have no hands or legs but still do hard work.”

He mentions that he gets electric shocks sometimes as he fumbles around wires, separating the live ones with the ones that are not. But, he would continue to do this because the only thing he has been taught is hard work, he doesn’t believe in anything else.

visually impaired
Image Source: CABVI

What of the future?

The hard-working visually impaired Zarnosh mentions one regret though. He said, unfortunately, he learnt only this skill. Had he received proper education he would have provided better for his family. And so he has a similar wish for his children. Unlike him, he wants them to get a proper education. However, from what he earns he is only able to provide for the basic necessities and not for their education.

The future is unpredictable, anything can happen. Zarnosh’s children can get the education and get to the places Zarnosh dreams of. But this is the thought process that we need at a larger scale in Pakistan.

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