Rooh Afza is one of the most refreshing drinks to have on a hot summer evening. There are plenty of ways you can enjoy the sweet syrup. Some like it with water and a little lemon juice. Some enjoy it with milk in the morning. Many even like to pour it on their ice cream. No matter which way you try, the sweet syrup makes it worthwhile.

However recently a new Rooh Afza combo came to light and left many people talking. Some were in awe, some wondered why they hadn’t thought of that before. While some weren’t sure what it would taste like. This new combination is Rooh Afza and Sprite, a popular fizzy drink.

Both are highly refreshing and a favorite in the summer. So mixing the two is simply genius. I for one, can assure you personally that Roof Azfa, when mixed with water and lemon, tastes delicious. Sprite has a lemony taste to it as well. The combo, of the two, is something I am very interested in having. If you haven’t made up your mind yet, take a look at Daniyal Zafar, stealing someone else’s drink and chugging it down.

The ad certainly makes the new drink look tempting and while we have formed our opinion, let’s see what other people on social media have to say about it.

There you have it. A lot of people have been talking about the combo. Many have tried it out already and given their seal of approval. The rest are intrigued enough to try it out for themselves. We too happen to be in the same boat. The combination definitely looks refreshing and is just the thing you need for iftar.

Try it out yourself and let us know what you think about it.