Over the weekend, Pakistan went through a massive social media brouhaha over Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy and theAKUH doctor controversy.

The revered documentarian has herself in the eye of a storm over a crucial matter that has Pakistan divided!

Sharmeen’s tweets about an AKU doctor harassing her sister created an explosion, stirring an aggressive debate on the patient-doctor relationship!

However, it was not just Sharmeen who received backlash on the matter!

Apparently, AKU’s name was dragged through the mud and a movement called #bringthedoctorback started trending on the internet.

To save the situation, the hospital rolled out a statement to clarify the matter but it really aggravated the whole situation even more.

One man’s loss is another man’s gain!

Now, other hospitals seized the chance to cash on this controversy! As many as two hospitals have already offered the job to the fired AKUH doctor & are willing to employ him on the same pay scale as he was being offered by his ex-employers.

Apparently, London Clinical Courses are starting operations in Pakistan and have declared a job opening for the practitioner

Following him was Hashmanis Hospital, who came forward with a similar proposal for the doctor.

Pakistani Celebrities Speak Up About Sharmeen-Obaid Controversy!


Meanwhile, some people have revealed on social media that the doctor was already under scrutiny for various other cases of harassment.

Let’s see what Sharmeen will break the silence and will reply to all the backlash!

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