Ushna Shah is a popular figure in Pakistan. People love her acting skills and the bold characters she has portrayed in her shows.

Always in the news for her style and talent, this time Ushna has created a social media storm for speaking out against the female airport security staff in Pakistan


On a trip to Canada, Dubai and Italy, the starlet was passing through the security check at Pakistan’s airport when she faced an awkward encounter with the female security staff.

The blunt babe took to Facebook to share her unpleasant experience. The post quickly went viral with comments pouring in.

So what exactly happened? Here are the complete details!

“Pakistan airport female security. Back of the hand frisking LEARN BACK OF THE HAND FRISKING you perverted lesbians!” 


While some were seen supporting her, others joke about the incident, causing Ushna to reply:

It’s not funny. Every damn flight at security checks I grit my teeth, hold my breath and close my eyes. It’s a harrowing traumatic experience and I am sick of it. And it only happens in Pakistan!” 

Continuing with her rant, Usha revealed that she has even complained about the authorities regarding the matter.

“They even squeeze sometimes, I’m sick of it! I’ve been complaining about this for years. Like they do like an unnecessary squeeze like oh what are you hiding? Nothing lady, I’m hiding nothing here.”

Actress Sonya Hussyn too piped in the discussion and shared her dicey experience at airports in Pakistan. 

Well, we have to agree with Ushna – there is a dire need for trained female airport security staff here.

Proper workshops and training needs to be provided along with the installation of CCTV cameras for proper surveillance so that such issues don’t arise in future.

What are your views on this incident?

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