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After India violated the Line of Control twice this week, the tension between the two countries became even worse and out of control.

After the airstrikes, many keyboard warriors took to their social media to express their views on the situation.

Pakistan Shoots Down Two Indian Jets: Highlights & Updates

An Indian citizen sparked a heated debate on social media with his anti-Pakistan statements while promoting war between two nations.

He wrote:

Remember this image. Burn it into your mind. Tattoo it on your soul. This is your son. This is your brother. This is your friend. This is Wing Commander Abhinandan of @IAF_MCC. He bleeds for us. Never forgive. Never forget. #BringBackAbhinandan

He was later bashed by Pakistanis for his remarks and for being inconsiderate that he was actually provoking his followers for war.

Slamming the keyboard warrior for his tweet, Pakistani actress Ushna Shah clapped back at him with a befitting reply.

She wrote:

U war mongerer! He was flying a fighter jet to kill Pak civilians. was captured. Rescued BY pak army from mob of people he was sent to attack. He is safe & held with dignity as a respectable prisoner of war. We also want to send him home.

Well, its good to see that our celebrities are actually trying to promote peace between the two countries.

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