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Ushna Shah is among those celebrities who are pretty active on social media and has frequent interaction with her fans and followers.

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Famous for her role in Bashar Momin, Ushna can currently be seen in an ongoing drama Balaa on ARY Digital.

The young actress has seized all the attention on Twitter once again, but this time for all the wrong reasons!

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The chain of furious Tweets started when a critic called out Ushna’s character in Balaa ‘pathetic’ and how she has stopped watching this drama.

Well, it might have been just another day when someone criticized a celebrity on the internet. But Ushna lost her cool when the comment caught her attention.

While she was quick to reply to the hater, her comeback triggered an ugly war on Twitter!

A series of hateful comments began against Ushan, but neither did she stop replying nor did her critics!

The actress made it clear that it’s normal to come across critical comments but some of them need a reply, or in her words a “slap”,  to shut them down.

The Twitterati clarified that it just a review on her role in Balaa and was not meant as a personal attack.

But oh boy, Ushna was on fire with her angry tweets!

The war against Ushna continued in full swing and it seems that the dramatic episode has lost the starlet a few fans.

No matter who was right and who was wrong, this ugly exchange of words between a celebrity and followers doesn’t portray a healthy image.

We can learn to be more polite when it comes to criticizing someone for their work and likewise, celebrities should know how to handle the criticism and reply in the right way.

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