Celebrating two months of their marriage, the newlyweds, Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed, are the cutest celebrity couple ever. It is apparent that the rockstar is crazy about the Udaari starlet and he didn’t shy away from declaring his devotion towards his better half.

Just recently, the crooner showed that he doesn’t need a special occasion like an Anniversary or Valentine’s Day to shower Urwa with all the love.


Happy and giddy in love, the duo spent a sweet Sunday together.  While both the stars are mostly busy in their shoots, the handsome singer decided to give starlet a day off and pamper his wife in the most adorable way.

If you have been keeping a check on the Hocane haseena’s Instagram, you would know what we are talking about! Just yesterday, Saeed planned a special day for his pretty partner, mollycoddling his wifey by cooking her favorite dishes for her!

Isn’t this the cutest thing ever?

 This video is bound to make you go awww!

Yeap, we can surely give the Husband of the Year award to Farhan Saeed! He truly proved that he is not like the typical Pakistani husband and believes in equally sharing household responsibility.

We have repeated this time and again, and we will say it one more time: Urwa and Farhan are true relationship goals!

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