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If you are truly looking for a fresh story sans the Cinderella romances, saas-bahu wars, filmy break-ups and extra-martial affairs, then Urdu 1’s Nazo is the latest entertainment in town as it raises the hushed issue of mentally-challenged children, making it a must-watch.

The distinct drama’s direction has been spearheaded by Aabis Raza. However, it is not just the out of the ordinary tale that becomes a refreshing ingredient in the drama for the viewers; adding more to its novelty is the stellar cast featuring Sonya Hussain, Zhalay Sarhadi, Ahmed Ali, and Atiqa Odho.

Watch the trailer here:

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Nazo’s leading squad has been so far successful in reaping the right limelight required for the drama.

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The Plot

Urdu 1’s drama opens up with the wild-haired, slurred speech and helpless;  Nazo, played by Sonya Hussain who remains lost in her own peculiar world. Her only friends are the shabby toy doll and her beloved elder sister Samra, played by Zhalay Sarhadi. Both are daughters to the widow Tabassum, played by Atiqa Odho.

But its not just Nazo’s disability that has entwined the whole family in the struggle of raising a child with special needs. It is also the dreadful past of losing their father that perpetually haunts them and has shattered them into a forever broken family.

While Tabassum works hard away from home to make both  ends meet, she disregards her daughters and essentially Nazo. Eventually, Samara becomes an everyday savior for her ailing sister, loves her unconditionally like a mother and rejects the idea of getting married so that she can stay close to her.

Their workaholic mother becomes the odd one out in the family, repelled by both Samra and Nazo. While Samra accuses Tabassum of killing their father, Nazo is scared by her own mother and dreads her presence in the house.

Little did they both know that their mum had to undergo the taunts and tyranny of their deceased dad Riaz, who held her responsible for not bearing him a son.  What’s more, he failed to understand Nazo’s special needs, deeming her as a retard and ashamed to be the father of a mental child.

The tale speeds forward with Nazo getting a severe pneumonia attack. While Samra admits her in a hospital, Tabassum flies to Dubai for a meeting, ignorant about her daughter’s dire health. With no progress in Nazo’ recovery, Samara is alone and devastated with no one to turn to.

Enters in the tale is her rescuer Habeel, played by Ahmed Ali who has his sister admitted in the same hospital for an appendix operation. While he shows genuine concerns towards Samra,  Habeel helps her pass through the adverse time in the hospital and even develops a fondness for Nazo.

In turn, Nazo replies to his affectionate gestures and warms up to her new friend, calling out for him whenever he is not around. Touched by Habeel’s kindness towards her sister, Samra also begins to harbors a soft spot for him.  Meanwhile, Tabassum feels terribly left out for not being informed by Samra about her younger daughter’s sickness but notices the comfort developing amongst Habeel, Samra and Nazo.

The preview to the fifth episode reveals Tabassum persuading Samra to think about tying the knot with Habeel while her elder daughter feels totally repulsive by the whole idea.

What role Habeel will further play in the lives of the two sisters? Will he bind the ladies into a more closer relationship or becomes a source of detachment between the two, let’s wait and watch!

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The Verdict

The drama becomes yet again different for building a plot powered by the ladies rather than an army of men, we usually see in conventional dramas. Sonya’s and Zhalay’s powerful acting deserves a mighty applause. Together in their own domains, they have cultivated many tear-jerking scenes with their moving performances, that strike a direct chord in viewers’ hearts.

Lately, we have seen Odho donning negative roles. In Nazo, she plays her part well as mother torn apart between her work and home. However, Ahmed Ali needs to raise his game and add more zing to his expressions in the drama.

The plot has been carefully weaved with much needed elements of heart-wrenching emotions and universal feelings of pain. Yet there could be more attention to detailing in various scenes. It was quite unreal to see Tabassum in kohl-ed eyes and dark lipstick as she mourns the death of her husband at his funeral.

However, the actors with its story together make an influential combo of triggering empathy, making one realize how demanding it is to raise a special child. Not many can be selfless like Samra in reality, who put their own lives and careers aside to prioritize the care of a mentally challenged human being.

You can tune into Nazo on Urdu 1, every Monday at 20:00 PST.