Urdu 1 Café – The Star Attraction at Karachi Eat Festival 2016


The much-hyped  Karachi Eat Festival 2016  proved to be a magnificent food paradise for the Karachites. While a wide variety of food assortments dominated the three-day extravaganza, Urdu1’s cafe became the star attraction as its ensured a VIP treatment for its guests with a cozy ambiance, on-spot drink arrangement and even waiters available for service to order away food from stalls.

Built on a wide area, the Cafe played host to many visitors who enjoyed the attractive photo booth with celebrity cut-outs. What more! Foodies who post check-ins on Facebook and Twitter at the event received Urdu 1 giveaways in store for them.

Pakistani celebrities including Anoushey Ashraf, Deepak Parwani, Nomi Ansari and many others showed up to support the channel.

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See some pictures from the event below:



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