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Unilever Pakistan with BBDO gets Shehzad Roy to sing Pakistan’s national anthem in a mask.

COVID-19 took more than 6000 lives in Pakistan, most of them when the lockdown was at its peak. Moreover, lockdown became the onset of the socioeconomic crisis. Hence now since the COVID numbers are beginning to lessen, the lockdown has lifted. But we are not away from danger yet. Now that there is no lockdown and we will meet many people throughout the day, taking precautions is all the more critical.

National Anthem with a Mask

Highlighting that and to celebrate the independence day, Unilever released a video message on 14th August. The video features the famous singer Shehzad Roy singing the national anthem with a choir. They all wore masks. The accompanying post read:

“The National Anthem As Sung Through Face Masks.

This Independence Day, Unilever Pakistan, is highlighting our national duty to follow COVID safety protocols for a #CoronaSePak Pakistan through this powerful rendition of the anthem performed by @officialshehzadroy.

Pak Sur Zameen ho gi corona se pak, Jub sub-Pakistani pehnnain ge mask.
A call for our national duty by Unilever Pakistan.”

The message, hence, was that it is now more important than ever to wear masks and practice social distancing.


Unilever Message on Independence Day

CEO and Chairman, Unilever Pakistan, Amir Paracha said:

“Unilever Pakistan is committed to its efforts to protect the lives and livelihoods of Pakistanis during this challenging time. With this stirring rendition of the national anthem, we aim to reinforce the importance of continued attention to safe behavior and inspire Pakistanis to protect themselves better.

This performance reminds us that it is our collective responsibility and duty to the nation to protect ourselves, each other, and our homeland from the threat of this pandemic. The simple acts of wearing a mask, ensuring hand hygiene, and maintaining physical distance can help save lives, and we hope that this message inspires us all to do so.”

The video starts with Shehzad Roy approaching the mic. Wearing a mask, he starts the first line. As expected, the sound is muffled. He goes on to sing a few more lines, the muffled sound continues. But then, a choir joins in, all of them wearing masks, and together, the music becomes more explicit. Therefore, the message becomes combined. This shows to stand that if we combine our efforts, the result will be better. It proves to hold that we will be able to fight all our battles if we stand together. Furthermore, even with the lockdown is easing up; we can play our parts to limit the COVID cases.

BBDO’s Ali Rez created this message, and Zeeshan Pervaiz directed the video. The Minister of Human Rights and the Minister of Science also retweeted the message. Let’s hope that the video plays the part timely in helping eradicate the possibility of the second wave.

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