Unilever launches CSR initiative

Unilever CSR

Unilever’s philanthropic side awoke this Ramadan when they supported a healthcare related initiative regarding permanent vision loss and to support those who do cannot avail healthcare services in Pakistan.  

Through this initiative, Unilever plans to disseminate information especially about vision loss. 

An estimated 5.035 million people suffer from disabilities, according to the statistics brought forth by Persons with Disabilities (PWD) Statistics 2012. This number is higher than total population of some countries around the world like New Zealand or Kuwait.

Out of this, 8.2% of the population is suffering from blindness and vision loss, which is a significant number, considering Pakistan’s healthcare industry and its crippling situation.  

It is expected that the consumer and the company will make use of the platform to donate and work for the improvement of these people. 

Unilever took advantage of the holy month and has managed to channelize the attention and charity of people towards this noble cause.