On October 12th, 2017 Grow Healthy Pakistan in collaboration with the Pakistan Dairy Association initiative hosted a blogger’s meet up in Lahore.

The objective of the event was to work towards removing misperceptions wrongly associated with the milk in UHT packaging, by educating the public about UHT milk processing and packaging technology is designed to keep milk safe without the need for any preservatives to be added.

All members of the Pakistan Dairy Association, take great care to ensure the quality standards of their milk. They have modern labs with broad testing capabilities and experts to continuously check milk quality from the point of collection to the point of sale. Packaged milk is fully traceable and its quality can be verified at any time by regulatory authorities as is now being done by the PFA on a regular basis.

In comparison, loose milk undergoes none or very few testing procedures and in most cases, the milk cannot be traced to the producer. Many people are also not aware that the common practice of boiling loose milk over several minutes at home to kill the bacteria, most nutrients are destroyed which compromises the health benefits of milk. Since long life milk has already gone through a controlled boiling process, there is no need to do this, so this milk is very safe and most healthy.

For the last 50 years, Long Life Milk (UHT) has become a regular staple in families’ homes across the world and can be termed as the most innovative technology used in the liquid food process. Today the majority of milk consumed in countries such France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Brazil, and China among others is Long Life (UHT) milk.

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