Update: Yesterday, all of Pakistan seemed to be a damsel in distress when the internet service was down. At first, it seemed like a normal up and down as PTCL does face speed issues at times. However, this issue was not restricted to a certain house, area, or city, it was across the entire nation.

On the other hand, telecom service provider, Ufone also seemed to face a similar experience when the SMS and 3G services were impacted. Majority of the users were stripped of services. The service provider is one of PTCL’s biggest customer, and a sister concern. Apparently, 2G was working normally for Ufone, while PTCL’s landline and other services also seemed to be doing just fine.

But the question is, why were other services working, and how come to PTCL and Ufone were the companies which were affected whereas the rest were working perfectly fine.  Industry experts are not convinced with the cable cut theory. one of the CEOs of an ISP  ruled out the possibility of a media cut. “It’s for sure not a media cut or fault”, he said.

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Another contributor who deals with networks from Karachi accepted that cable cuts could be the root cause of the PTCL outage. He added that this is not the usual cable cut issue the company faces if it was a cut in the first place. “These cuts were very special for sure; at the most unfortunate places that triggered a countrywide outage”

If it were indeed multiple cable cuts, then it’s a badly designed network: Pervez Iftikhar

Mr. Imran Janjua, General Manager PR at PTCL, said that PTCL’s network is designed for business continuity and high availability.

“However, due to abnormal cuts in our cables in different remote parts of the country, internet services were impacted which have been fully restored.”

Mr. Janjua further said that a high-level investigation committee has been constituted to determine the root cause of the outage.

For now, it is too early to come to any conclusion as to what happened, why, and specifically who was targeted. The story will continue to develop in the upcoming days.

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Pakistanis could not handle their internet and services getting washed from the grid, so they decided to bash the situation, here is how it happened:





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Pakistan seems to be struggling with sluggish internet speed. The reason behind the fault is said to be a fault in IMEWE cable system surfaced near Jeddah that’s causing the degradation in internet services.

When at full speed and with its design capacity, the IMEWE cable provides a full-speed of transporting 3.84Tbps of bandwidth. Pakistan’s major consumer of IMEWE cable and all ISPs is PTCL. The impact of the fault has affected the service and must have impacted the provider too.

ETTR (estimate time to resolve) for IMEWE isn’t communicated as of yet.

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