News about the Dubai administration ending the three-month visa for Pakistan and Philippines had created a stir over social media after a UAE media outlet broke the visa restriction news online.

However, the UAE Embassy in Islamabad has denied all allegations and have declared the news fake and a ‘propaganda’. They have now asked authorities to take strict action against spreading misguided information.

The Embassy in Islamabad have informed the Foreign Office,

“There are no visa bans on any category of Pakistani applicants. This news is being spread from Pakistan and needs to be investigated.”

The Embassy have however, left out the fate of the news outlets in UAE that originally broke the news.

Earlier on, a travel agent had been quoted on a Dubai-based online publication. Here’s what he had to say.


“We are not sure whether this is a temporary or permanent stop. As of now, we have been instructed not to accept applications. There is a possibility that we process the applications through another Emirate but will definitely have higher restrictions and would be more costly.”

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