The micro-blogging site Twitter is about to renovate its look, the changes have already begun to take place from this Tuesday.


The new look of twitter user profiles have been customized to show tweets in different sizes, with the most popular ones appearing in a slightly larger size than the rest.

Also, the view of the tweets can be customized now to see either all the tweets or tweets with pictures or with videos, i.e. all as per your wish.



Not to forget the large square profile picture of the user that now appears on the top left corner along with a large sized cover photo, making the overall outlook much similar to that of one’s facebook profile.

Although there remain a difference between the outlook of the twitter and facebook profiles, i.e. the pictures are being shown under the followers while on Facebook, it is the inverse.

The new profile outlook on twitter is only available to a few for the time being, mostly including the celebrities like Zack Efron and Channing Tatum and a few other lucky users but it will be available to the rest of the lot very soon.

Still to see is the reactions of those twitter tweeters who love Twitter for not being Facebook.