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Some brands started their music products, and people loved them. Seeing their success, others must have thought to try their luck in this industry as well. So it was only a matter of time when they ventured into it. As expected, McDonald’s announced last night that they will be launching their own version of music product, McDonald’s Rap Battle.

McDonald’s Rap Battle

The date McDonald’s Pakistan has provided on their Twitter account is Kashmir Day, February 5th, 2021.

One thing brands need to realize is that audience is not stupid. They see the pattern and make the connection. So they were quick to pick up on it and comment how they found McDonald’s as a trend follower.

Well, we won’t comment on whether McDonald’s is just following others or not. But Twitterati found this initiative very unoriginal and lacking creativity. And they were ready to point it out.

Interestingly, even upon seeing so many questions, McDonald’s has not responded on why they felt the need to do so.

McDonald’s may not have been creative, but Twitterati definitely is when it comes to making memes.

Twitter Memes

The Twitter memes used everything, from the funny ad visuals to movie scenes to old memes that went viral in the past.

The best one yet is ‘Axcuze me, Aap bhi?’

McDonald’s be Devi Prasad?

When creativity actually says something and, its…creative


A meme featuring Moin Akhtar will always be the best!

Some people are also excited. They are not just bashing, or are they?

But you never know, Rap Battle could actually turn out to be good, and McDonald’s would end up reacting like this.

Until the actual show airs, we can’t say anything, so until then, let’s enjoy the memes.

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