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If there is one thing that is common about Pakistani and Indian media, it is their tendency to turn their political talk-shows into screaming contests. It is impossible to talk about Indian talk shows and not make Arnab Goswami a part of that conversation.

Don’t believe us? Have a look at it yourself!

What Is The Controversy Involving Arnab Goswami And #WhatsAppLeaks About?

A few days back, WhatsApp was in the news for its updated privacy policy, and many mistook this controversy for that fiasco. However, this leak is entirely different. Several hours ago, well-known Indian News anchor Arnab Goswami, hailed and praised by the far-right Indian extremists for his radical and too controversial views, was in the news himself as his WhatsApp chat leaked.

The chat was between Arnab Goswami and Ex-BARC CEO. Arnab’s texts show how he knew about certain sensitive matters and updates regarding Modi’s Government and their doings before-hand.

Desi Twitter Reacts To #WhatsAppLeaks :

Soon after these screenshots leaked, Netizens turned to their Twitters to vent their frustrations out and many Pakistanis jumped in to poke fun at the situation.

Many have expressed their concerns about how at times the Government, Bureaucracy and Politicians team up and waste the lives of their military forces and law enforcement agencies for their own political gains; while referring to the alleged excerpt from the chat where Arnab reveals he knew something about the Pulwama attack before-hand.

Many Pakistanis hopped in and shared the WhatsApp leaks surrounding our very own superstar as a banter.

How can we forget Imad Wasim amid all this?

Calling out the hypocrisy!

What is politics without war hysteria?

He definitely knew what he was doing.

What Lesson Could Be Learned From The Whole Ordeal?

Jokes apart, this is a cause of concern for everyone as this shows how the media and anchors are capable of persuading us into believing something they want us to. The Pulwama attack was one of the reasons behind high tensions between Pakistan and India, prompting the famous Abhinandan incident. The tensions between the two countries; Pakistan and India who both have nuclear arms were at the brink of war.

This shows why we should be vigilant and analytical of the news that we hear and verify them instead of impulsively and immediately reacting on our instincts and let manipulators like Arnab Goswami, take benefit of our sentiments.

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