Beef Ban

Recently, the Maharashtran Government banned the slaughter of cows and the sale and consumption of beef in the State.  The penalty for breaking this law will be a five-year imprisonment. It is true that Hindus form 80% of India’s population which means about 1.2 billion people. According to tradition, Hindus are supposed to revere cows and the cow-slaughter is already banned in many States in the country.

Prime Minister, Narinder Modi has expressed dismay at the rising amount of meat exports from the country and is hoping to bring about a National ban on cow slaughter.

This measure has ensued mass criticism on social media. The hashtag of #BeefBan is trending on twitter across India with about 50.6k tweets regarding this particular trend.

Take a look at the hilarious reactions as well as the outrage and tirade of the people from across the Border:

Many mainstream Bollywood celebrities have also given their opinions regarding this meaty issue including Ayushman Khurrana, Raveena Tandon, Farhan Akhter and a couple of others. Take a look: