Twitter reveals its brand new ‘Periscope’ live stream broadcasting app.

This week has been quite a buzz as Instagram launched ‘Layout’, Facebook rolled out ‘On This Day’ and now Twitter has joined the war by officially announcing the launch of its new standalone app ‘Periscope’.

It’s like social media giants are seriously tugging each other’s hair like in a catfight. They just can’t get enough.

Worth $100 million when the company first acquired it in January, this app finished its beta testing just recently. ‘Periscope’ let’s its users live stream videos and audio from their smartphones for other people to watch, listen and comment. Also to promote the video and increase the audience base, the live stream’s link can be shared on Twitter.

And as always the fact that angers me and millions, it’s launched for iOS for now and is free. I guess they need to test it out on smaller audience and tweak the bugs out before they launch it for Android.

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For those who can’t wait to get their hands on it, I would suggest using its immediate competitor Meerkat for the time being.

Differentiating itself from Meerkat, where any comments and likes are posted on your twitter profile as well, Periscope’s interaction and engagement remains within the app. Videos streamed can be replayed within 24 hours by app users and saved too within the camera roll, unlike Meerkat where it disappears as the streaming ends.

A video replay is accompanied by the chat. It will help such as the broadcaster was running a Q&A session. You can delete chats, your videos, and replays whenever you want. The more hearts the broadcast gets, the higher it will rise on the ‘Most Loved’ chart.


A fun interactive app, Periscope offers the like option as a floating heart. You can like the post as many times as possible. The broadcaster can see in real time what audience find more interesting as hearts appears on the screen. Automatically a tweet will be sent to your twitter followers as soon as the broadcast starts if you enable the feature in configuration.

The broadcast can be locked as to make it private. So you can invite the people you wish to share the broadcast with.

Twitter has been a darling for celebs worldwide and it hopes to capitalize on that fame to push periscope. AlreadyAaron Paul from ‘Breaking Bad’, David Blaine the magician, Champion skateboarder Tony Hawk and high stakes business man Mark Cuban have started broadcasting through Periscope.