Twitter Blue Verification Badge Now Available To All Users

verified twiter account.Brandsynario

Twitter has made some iconic changes in attesting authenticity of twitter accounts and now the blue verification badgetwitter verified blue badge.Brandsynario is available to all users.

This move was taken by the company in order to help general public and the majority of its users. On its official blog, it stated:

“Our goal with this update is to help more people find great, high-quality accounts to follow, and for creators and influencers – no matter where they are in the world – to easily connect with a broader audience.”

Previously, the verified blue tick was only available for those accounts that are considered high profile public figures or the organizations, corporations, government officials, politics and political figures, journalism, religion, music, celebrities, TV icons, fashionistas, models, and others.

How to Option for Twitter’s Verified Blue Badge twitter verified blue badge.Brandsynario

Twitter users can option for the verified blue tick by submitting an online form. Twitter will respond via email to the applicant and if your request is denied you can submit the request again for the same account but 30 days after receiving the email from Twitter.

To fill out the online form for verification of account, users must have the following:

1. Verified Phone Number

The user must have a valid phone number for verification and cross checking (receiving any code/ message on the given number).

twitter verified blue tick.Brandsynario

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2. Confirmed Email Address

A confirm and valid email address must be associated with the account. In case of a corporate or company account, there must be an official company email address provided.

3. Bio

The bio should reflect the person if the account belongs them or to a company, organization, or corporation. The bio should be in accordance with their brand or services and should not mislead the followers.

4. Profile Photo

Profile photo must be of the account owner if the account belongs to him/her. If it belongs to a company or corporate accounts should use their official logos or picture with the inclusions of at least one logo.

5.  Header Photo

It must be synchronized with your profile or profile picture. The company or corporate account can reflect their branding with header photo.

6. Birthday (for human accounts)

This is only applicable to the accounts which belong to a person and not a company or service brand.

7. Website

All provided URLs associated with your account must be relevant and should express the person in their respective field. The company or corporate profiles should link up their official websites.

NOTEUsers must set their privacy setting to public for the changes to be accepted.

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